Available Dogs & Puppies

Below are a list of available dogs and puppies we have in rescue currently. All dogs are in foster homes.

Adoption fee is $475 (this includes spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccines, microchip, deworming, and all other basic needs/vetting)

Adoption Application, Requirements & Process

  • Fully fill out the  application 
  • Adopter must be over 21 years old 
  • All current pets need to be up to date on age appropriate vaccines and spayed/neutered 
  • Background check will be completed  
  • Once approved you will be contacted with an approval email 
  • The foster with the dog you are interested in will reach out to set up a meet
  • Meets will typically take place at the fosters home 
  • All family members must be at the meet including any current dogs 
  • We do not work off a first come first serve system - it is only the best fit for the dog and family

Adoption Fee Information

What Does It Cover?

Adopting any dog or puppy from Waggin’ Tails Rescue holds a cost of  $475.00

The adoption fee is used to pay for the following care. Please note that every dog’s care and needs are different and this is simply a generalization. Your pet might not receive certain care if they are not old enough, or might require additional care outside of what is listed. All medical records are provided at the time of final adoption. The adoption fee is a fixed price, and this is to give you a general idea of what the adoption fee typically covers. 

We accept payment in the form of cash and credit cards and are due at the time of adoption. Adoption fees are non refundable. 


It is required by law in Illinois for all rescue dogs to be spayed or neutered before being adopted. Even if it wasn't Waggin’ Tails would spay/neuter all their adoptable dogs and puppies. Our adoption fee includes the spay/neuter surgery completed prior to adoption or done during the foster to adopt period. 


Your dog or puppy is up to date on age appropriate vaccines at the time of adoption. Your pet receives a rabies vaccine if over the age of 4 months, a series of DAPPV vaccines, as well as a Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine.


All dogs and puppies are microchipped before adoption to ensure that if they ever get lost they can find their way home. Your pet is automatically registered with the information you provide on your application at the time of adoption with the rescue always being secondary.


  • Flea/tick Preventative - we start this at 8 weeks old and it is given monthly 
  • Heartworm Preventative - we start this at 8 weeks old and it is given monthly 
  • Deworming - It is important to get your pet on a routine schedule of deworming. We do 2-3 rounds of deworming that covers a broad spectrum of intestinal parasites. Intentional parasites are extremely common in puppies and any rescue dog. 
  • Transport and Pre Transport Medical Care - We do typically have to pay for transportation of the dogs and puppies we receive from high kill shelters - or drive ourselves to get them. Along with any required medical needs/clearances.
  • Heartworm Testing - All dogs over 8 months are heartworm tested - if positive they will receive appropriate treatment.
  • Medical Care - any additional medical care needed for things as common as kennel cough to more extreme medical care for things like parvo, mange, heartworm treatment,  etc.